Our Members

Manish Kumar Awasthi is an founder and trustee of the Navratra Sewak Dal. He is the spinal cord of the organization. He is an IT graduate and is actively involved in decision and policy making for the DAL.
He is a great visionary and source of inspiration for rest of the team. His efforts are immense in bringing this DAL to a place where it is. His 24 hr devotion for serving for welfare of humanity is really appreciable.

Amar Chaturvedi is an very active social worker and health trainer. Other than it he is a good HR personal who commands immense intellectual knowledge. Iike a "Sarathi of Rath" he guider and motivates the team and members of our group,

He provides motivational sessions to members as well as outside fraternity on behalf of Dal and is a great source of inspiration.

Satpal is an engineering graduate and is has a very vast managerial experience. He is looking after the event arrangement and financial side of the Dal. All the activities related to the managining of events be it Cultural,

Social or Environment are overviewed and managed by him and whatever funding is required is overseen by him.

Yogesh is an eminent journalist who has worked with India and International media for over 25 years and hold a good command on the current topics. He is very active with our organization and oversees the and publication section for our upcoming NGO.

Mr. Yogesh is an post graduate in journalism and PHD Sociology from Delhi University.

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