About PG Navratra Sewak Dal

As we think of NGOs and the mental image is usually of hard-at-work, dedicated people doing all they can to alleviate the suffering of others – animals, plants and fellow humans. One usually doesn’t associate NGOs with divisive concepts such as religion, environment and health.

The NG0 was started under the guidance of Mr. Manish Kumar Awasthi and was developed to cater social needs of the society. The Ngo was started to give boost to cultural & relegious activities but it also started the journey toward advancement since 2017. with some precise activities and administrative structure as project based development organization. It started to spread its wings in bring reforms in Environment Sector and during 2019 its expanded towards upliftment of poor and weak section of the society.

It mainly overlooked the cultural side of the activities..such as organizing Navratra ,Holi, and other festival celebrations. As our grew, more professionals came to run the activities of the NGO.Slowly we picked pace & stared to do other activities in field of health and environment. We have planted many trees in Greater Noida (west) region .We have also conducted many helath related camps for the nearby societies of greater noida. Other than this our organizations is actively involved in overall development of Greater Noida (W).

Navratra Sewak Dal is a non political and volunteer organization for Social , Cultural and Environmental development of the society. This organization was established in in year 2015 with the keen interest of some like minded social workers of a society based in Greater Noida , Utttar Pradesh, India.

Ours is a public, non-governmental organization, whose founders, members and participants are united by a common idea. This idea is the preservation and restoration of national traditions, customs and, in general, spiritual heritage. Those topics are lead according to the basis of a society's self-organization, as well as sustainable development of public relations. We have youth group, which is actively involved in information dissemination activities among students and school-children.

We regularly organize environmental events and celebrations of the international environmental days, Our woman team is also equipped and carry out functions to celebrate all Hindu festivals and spread cultural integrity in society. The Dal consist of group of working professionals who believe in bounding the society with social and religious values. Our team members consist of various diversified fields and that the reason we are able to attract and gather good audience for our events. Our team members are from Media, Legal, Administration ,Marketing, Production, HR and other varied fields.

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